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The Revolution Begins Here: Designing for Degrees of Freedom: liberating people in our organisations Simon Terry (Change Agents Worldwide), Jen Frahm
(Conversations of Change)
Welcome to the People’s Liberation Front for the Future of Work. The only way digital disruption will enable greater human potential is if we take responsibility for bringing about changes in the way our organisations work. In this interactive and collaborative workshop you will explore the ways our organisations constrain employee freedom and develop collective actions to enable and encourage new liberty, agency and creativity. Based on the theme of Degrees of Freedom, experienced Change Agents Jennifer Frahm and Simon Terry will lead workshop participants to the development of a manifesto and plans for workplace revolution.
Rapid Prototyping Workshop: How to bring awesome ideas to life Pete Williams (Chief Edge Officer, Centre of the Edge Australia, Deloitte) and Tim Mahlberg (Deloitte and University of Sydney Business School)
One of the biggest barriers to successful innovation is that explaining, developing and bringing an idea to a point where it can be tested can take a long time. Many organisations focus on Powerpoint and Excel rather than Prototypes and Experiments. In addition we have been educated to share the finished product rather than our ideas and thoughts together with our rough prototypes to seek out feedback as we go. We call this workshop serious gaming where teams will be presented with a challenge and will then proceed to develop a prototype and a pitch.

Inspired by Thomas Edison’s statement that all you need to invent is imagination and a pile of junk, this immersive workshop will teach you about prototyping, iterating, learning from others and pitching in an intense and fun 1.5 hour workshop

Deconstructing the secret recipe for innovation in complex organisations – the role of intrapreneurship Claire Duquesne, Ludwig Arlaud and  Sylvain Emeric (all Capgemini)
Innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect‘ – Steven Johnson

Major organisations aspire to be innovative or claim they already are. In reality, few possess the attributes that drive innovative behaviours and even fewer empower employees to become intrapreneurs. Intrapreneurship is key to addressing disruption – we envision the future workplace as an inclusive environment for all employees to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and contribute to the innovation capability of their organisation. Success is bred from the ability to quickly transform the ideas of corporate intrapreneurs into actions that can achieve meaningful impact.

Regardless of your academic background or professional expertise, join our Capgemini chefs in the Innovation Kitchen. Together we will discuss and uncover the key ingredients to the recipe for innovation in large and complex organisations. How can leaders create the appropriate work environment to grow innovative ideas? How can complex organisations apply lean start-up principles to drive speed and agility? How can inflexible organisations untangle complex processes and build innovation ecosystems that accelerate transformation?

Saying what is not said: using personas to convey meaning rather than achieve a technological end – Cancelled Anne Bartlett-Bragg and Jakkii Musgrave, and Natalie Hardwicke (all Ripple Effect Group)
The use of personas in technology design and implementation projects has been prevalent for more than twenty years. These artificial creations of people, either real or imagined, are often used to keep technology end users “in mind” when designing solutions aimed at addressing technology usage problems.
In our workshop we will challenge the dominant views of personas by showcasing how we use them in-practice. You will learn how personas can become interpretation tools that help tell a story; one intended to gift meaning about the people-technology relationship for a specific audience. We will discuss why this approach is necessary in the context of social and end-user technologies, which arguably put power and control in the hands of end users.
Organisational Design for Radical Disruption Anthony Ferrier (COO of ExOxo, CEO of Culturevate)
Radical disruption is taking place in pretty much every industry sector, and more than ever executives and Boards are focused on redesigning their organisations to succeed. In response, innovation leaders are increasingly being asked to play a more active role in adjusting the design or structure of a business to support the successful implementation and launch of new ideas to drive growth. In this workshop, we will outline some of the disruptive technology, business and societal trends impacting organisations, identify which would impact your business and then start addressing certain organisational design questions to help your business succeed in this new environment. This session will help leaders to:

  • Understand and better address the disruptive technology, business and societal trends impacting organisations
  • Identify which trends will impact their organisation now and going forward
  • Start designing organisational structures to support the development of new ideas that respond to these disruptive trends
Why bother with leadership if robots are doing all the work? Fiona McLean, Connie Henson, and Michele Gennoe
If the workplace is changing, roles are automated, AI is a reality and we’re so connected we’re never offline, what is the role of leadership, if any?

In this workshop, we’ll discuss emerging trends that are creating new ways of working and how individuals can not only survive but thrive in the future of work.

In an interactive discussion, we’ll cover three key areas for individual success

  • Self-awareness
  • Effective reputation
  • Balance and wellbeing
When Fake News Becomes Fake Testimony: The Truth Arms race Mike Seymour (University of Sydney Business School), Hao Li (University of Southern California)
Join Mike and Hao for a hands-on encounter with digital humans and the fast-emerging technologies that makes them possible. Have your own digital avatar/face created by the latest, smartphone-based virtual face technology.
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